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About Karen Lesetmoe

Meet Karen Lesetmoe

Karen Lesetmoe is living proof that the American Dream is real! Karen’s family moved to the United States from the Philippines when she was six years old. She had a suitcase and no toys.

Coming from the Philippines to the United States, Karen struggled at times, as so many do, but she is grateful to live in a country that is full of opportunities for all.

Karen was the first female to join her High School's wrestling team and she instills that grit into her own family

United States Navy

After the 9/11 attacks on the country, Karen felt the powerful call to volunteer to defend our nation. She has a love for our country and the constitution that led her to enlist and become the first woman in her family to serve in the U.S. Navy.


It was the Navy that brought Karen and her family to Whidbey Island 18 years ago. It was soon after moving to Whidbey Island that she fell in love with the community and knew that this was where she and her husband would be raising their six children.

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Real Estate Broker

After her time in the US Navy, Karen became a real estate broker. Karen believes that real estate is a litmus test of a community. She has a responsibility to keep a finger on the pulse of the different neighborhoods in her community.


Lately, Karen has watched as members of the community are tearfully selling the homes that they loved so that they can move out of state because they don't trust things can get better in Washington state.

They have shared with Karen that they are moving out of state due to rising taxes and not feeling safe in their neighborhoods anymore. It became clear to Karen that there needs to be a change in Olympia, and she is ready to take that change on.

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Family life

Karen and her husband have four children currently attending public and private schools in Oak Harbor. Having served in the Navy, Karen has a strong sense of duty and protecting our communities. She is living proof of the American Dream and she wants to fight for everyone to have a piece of the American Dream!

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