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Legislative Priorities

The current majorities in Olympia are out of touch with the community and have lost sight of what truly matters. They are more focused on catering to their party agenda and activism than they are on protecting the very people they are elected to represent.


People Before Politics: 

Karen Lesetmoe will be our voice, fighting for what matters most to us, not extreme political agendas.


Better Education:

Our children deserve a world-class education. As a mom of six, and four still in school, Karen understands the challenges parents and students face and will fight for a better education for our children.

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Tax relief:

As a real estate broker, Karen sees what the constant rising in taxes is doing to our communities. The out-of-touch Democrats are killing our middle and working-class families. People are being forced out of their homes because they can no longer afford to live in the communities where they have raised their families. Karen has a plan to provide relief to these families and begin to put money back into our pockets.

Public Safety:

Our law enforcement and first responders are the first line of defense in making sure that our community is a safe place to raise our families. Yet the Democrats keep limiting their ability to protect our communities.
Lesetmoe will fight to provide law enforcement and first responders with the support they need to safely do their
jobs and keep our families safe.

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